CET Duration Title Author
9:30 10 min. Welcome Julian Hartbaum – IMS CHIPS Stuttgart, Germany
9:40 20 min. EUV optics: driving lithography to the next level Paul Gräupner – Carl Zeiss SMT Oberkochen, Germany
10:00 20 min. E-Beam Cell-Projection for optical metastructures & other large area nanopatterns Mathias Hädrich – Vistec Electron Beam Jena, Germany
10:20 20 min. ULTRA Maskwriter at IMS used as a Maskless Stepper for direct writing Holger Sailer – IMS CHIPS Stuttgart, Germany Sven Preuß – Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik GmbH Heidelberg, Germany
10:40 20 min. Thermal scanning probe lithography with the NanoFrazor; applications today and plans for tomorrow Emine Cagin – Heidelberg Instruments Nano AG Zurich, Switzerland
11:00 20 min. The multiple facets of lithography in imec Julien Jussot – IMEC Leuven, Belgium
11:20 20 min. Hybrid Polymers – High-performance optical materials for micro- and nanofabrication Martin Herder – micro resist technology Berlin, Germany
11:40 20 min. How to investigate nanometer scale holes & trenches and uncover “invisible” contaminations on the surface Hartmut Stadler – Bruker Karlsruhe, Germany
12:00 60 min. Lunch break
13:00 20 min. Upscaling Nanoimprint Capabilities – From single die to high volume production Anna Dudus – EVGroup St. Florian am Inn, Austria
13:20 20 min. Nanoimprint solution for AR waveguide mass production Ran Ji – GermanLitho GmbH Munich, Germany
13:40 20 min. Molography: the most robust evanescent field biosensor Tilman Hoss – lino Biotech AG Zurich, Switzerland
14:00 20 min. Silicon-organic hybrid modulators – enabling high-speed & energy-efficient optical communication Carsten Eschenbaum – Silorix Karlsruhe, Germany
14:20 20 min. Si Photonics: enabling technology for IR and quantum sensing Mathias Kaschel – IMS CHIPS Stuttgart, Germany
14:40 10 min. Closing remarks Julian Hartbaum – IMS CHIPS Stuttgart, Germany