Partner for Advanced Nanopatterning

20th Workshop Beams & More

Stuttgart, Germany 

Welcome to our
20th Beams & More workshop!

We are very pleased to be returning to a real on-site workshop, as was the case in 2019 and before, and it is my sincere pleasure to cordially invite you.

This workshop is not only a series of interesting contributions from our collaborating partners on micro- and nanopatterning techniques. It also offers the best networking opportunities by bringing together experts and decision makers from start-ups, SMEs and large companies.

The participation fee of € 270 includes lunch and dinner. An online link will be made available to all registrants, so that the presentations can be followed in case attendance at the workshop is not possible. Please note that the online stream allows only a limited participation and that a trouble-free operation cannot be guaranteed.

Please register by using the „Registration“ button on this website.

I am looking forward to meeting you in person at the workshop.

Julian Hartbaum


Our maximum number of participants for the workshop has been reached, so unfortunately the registration for the workshop was closed earlier.


09:30 (00:05)

Stuttgart, Germany


09:35 (00:15)

Stuttgart, Germany

IMS CHIPS Update 2023

09:50 (00:20)

Victor Brasch

Stuttgart, Germany

E-beam lithography for integrated quantum optics with lithium niobate on insulator

10:10 (00:20)

Stuttgart, Germany

Quantum projects at IMS

10:30 (00:20)

Valencia, Spain

Wafer Level Optics for 3D-cameras

10:50 (00:30)

11:20 (00:30)

Vistec Electron Beam GmbH
Jena, Germany
Stuttgart, Germany

E-beam lithography optimization for high quality photonic waveguides

11:50 (00:20)

Uwe Zeitner

Fraunhofer IOF
Jena, Germany

The potential of e-beam lithography for micro- and nano-optics fabrication on large areas

12:10 (00:20)

Grenoble, France

Ebeam Direct Write Lithography: the versatile ally of optical lithography

12:30 (00:20)

Mustapha Chouiki

IMS Nanofabrication GmbH
Brunn am Gebirge, Austria

MBMW-301 and MBMW-100 Flex, the latest revolution in multi-beam mask writing

12:50 (01:30)

14:20 (00:20)

micro resist technology GmbH
Berlin, Germany

Update on photoresists and NIL polymers for advanced micro- and nanopatterning techniques

14:40 (00:20)

Patrick Schuster

EV Group,
St. Florian am Inn, Austria

Nanoimprint Lithography for Multilevel Structure Fabrication

15:00 (00:20)

SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Wafer based NIL for direct replication of inorganic functional optical materials

15:20 (00:20)

Stefan Schrittwieser

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Vienna, Austia

Nanoimprint lithography for the fabrication of multifunctional nanoparticles for biomedical applications

15:40 (00:30)

16:10 (00:20)

Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH
Oberkochen, Germany

High-NA EUV – the future that is already here

16:30 (00:20)

Dioptic GmbH
Weinheim, Germany

Computer Generated Holograms with continuous phase relief structure for beam shaping of Excimerlasers for medical applications

16:50 (00:20)

Sven Bauerdick

GenISys GmbH,
Taufkirchen, Germany

SEM-based metrology for micro and nano patterns

17:10 (00:05)

Stuttgart, Germany

Closing remarks


Waldhotel Relexa, Stuttgart, Germany