16th Workshop „Beams & More“

The annual „Beams & More“ Workshop is a well-established Network platform for our customers and partner. The presentation topics have been determined by our joint research and development fields. Experts from our collaboration partner will present the latest News of their research work and products. In particular, they will address the following:

• EUV lithography
• E-beam pattern generation
• Nanoimprint Lithography
• Metrology
• Silicon Photonics
• Micro Optics

In recent months, we have invested at IMS in maintaining our infrastructure on the required advanced level. The new key tool for MEMS, master and photonic activities will be a wafer etch Cluster with 4 chambers. One chamber is equipped with a cryo chuck which will open new fields in our technological development. For qualified wet processes, state-of-the-art wet benches will soon be installed and for our mask line, a new coater and developer for 6025 blanks will be available by the end of the year.

The development of a sophisticated micro-fluidic component for an industrial partner has been finished. Currently, we are starting the pilot production of this part. Another highlight is the start of the production of X-large Diffractive Optical Elements on a regular basis. The fabrication relies primarily on the performance of our Vistec SB4050 e-beam machine to expose large substrates with a high accuracy in a long time frame.

Another focus of IMS is the development and fabrication of master for versatile replication technologies. Significant progress has been achieved as we are now able to generate analog designs with high and low amplitudes in one patterning step. Driven by a customer design, we have developed an additional master technology enabling the generation of nano-scale pattern on micro-scale topography.

Finally it is my special pleasure to introduce my successor who will take care of the “Beams & More” workshop in the future.

I hope to see you in Stuttgart on November 15th.

Your sincerely,
Mathias Irmscher