15th Workshop "Beams & More"

This year’s Beams & More Workshop will be held in a brand-new conference room. It is our great pleasure to invite you to our annual technical day in this new location. The seminar room was opened last April and is part of the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) located across the street from IMS CHIPS.

Together with our customers and partners we have assembled an attractive program with the following topics:

• EUV lithography
• E-beam and laser lithography
• Nanoimprint lithography
• Metrology
• Diffractive optics
• Silicon photonics

In the last 12 months we achieved significant progress in our work on silicon photonics applications. We have launched two projects focused on automotive applications using integrated optics. We will release our Photonic Process Design Kit in a few weeks as one important milestone on our way to become a photonic foundry at IMS CHIPS.

The development of MEMS is one key focus of IMS CHIPS with a separate business unit. Cooperating with industrial and academic partners, we realized micro systems for versatile applications from microfluidic to charged beam deflecting and shaping components. Since 2014 we have been fabricating sophisticated MEMSs consisting of micromechanical parts and ASICs on a regular basis for a dedicated customer.

We hope to see you in Stuttgart on October 24th.

Your sincerely,
Mathias Irmscher