13th Workshop "Beams & More"

For the upcoming Beams and More workshop we have assembled an attractive program with contributions of our partners and customers.

This year’s presentations will cover the following topics:

• Nano and micro patterning using e-beam and laser lithography
• Progress in EUV
• Optical metrology
• NIL for photonic and other applications
• Silicon photonic

The Heidelberg Instruments laser writer VPG400 was installed and evaluated in our line. The tool is able to expose a variety of substrates
up to a size of 400 mm x 400 mm and the writing principle of the VPG series enables a high throughput. A mix-and-match operation together with our Vistec SB4050 e-beam writer allows the patterning of large substrates including high resolution areas in an acceptable time frame.

The front/back side alignment capability of our VPG off ers new opportunities. The aligned patterning of two Diff ractive Optical Elements, one on the front and another on the back side of a quartz substrate is just one example.

A new EUV initiative focusing on the development of the infrastructure
for the 7 nm node has been launched this year by the ECSEL Joint Undertaking. IMS became a member of the consortium and will provide contributions to the development of new Diff ractive Optical Elements for metrology purposes and new schemes of EUV masks.

Following our program presentations, we have planned this year a dinner at the Relexa Waldhotel Schatten. The hotel is close to IMS CHIPS and will
off er the perfect ambience for networking. We have reserved a block of rooms for our Beams and More participants should they wish to spend the night.

We hope to see you in Stuttgart, on November 12th.

Yours Sincerely,
Mathias Irmscher