14th Workshop "Beams & More"


It is our pleasure to invite you to another Beams & More workshop. Together with our industrial and academic partner we will present the latest news about nano-patterning and corresponding applications.

This year’s workshop includes updates on the following topics:

• EUV lithography
• E-beam lithography processes and applications
• Laser lithography tools and processes
• Photonics
• Micro-optics
• NIL tools and applications

At IMS we are installing a new infrastructure for nano-patterning of large substrates up to 430mm in diameter. The infrastructure consists of a sputter tool, resist coater, developer, plasma etcher, cleaning tool and CD measurement equipment. The pattern exposure will be accomplished using our Vistec e-beam writer and/or our Heidelberg laser tool. The new line is dedicated to making both extra-large Diffractive Optical Elements and large replication master.
Our current work is focused on an efficient mix-and-match approach between
e-beam and laser exposure in order to provide cost-effective micro- and nano-patterned substrates with large dimensions.

There is an increasing demand for 3D replication master with structure dimensions requiring the use of e-beam lithography. Most applications are dominated by micro-optics. With the help of well calibrated simulation tools the 3D resist patterning can be achieved without too many iterations.
We are working on the calibration of known resist models for the 3D approach and have achieved significant progress in the past few months.

We hope to see you in Stuttgart, on November 10th.

Yours Sincerely,
Mathias Irmscher